Kent Hehr

Your member of parliament for

Calgary Centre

Kent Hehr

Your member of parliament for

Calgary Centre


Affordable Housing

Every Canadian deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. Yet, every day, vulnerable Calgarians are at risk of being homeless. Our Liberal government is taking action to help those in need and to reduce homelessness by 50% across Canada.

I am incredibly proud of the investments our national government is making in Calgary’s affordable housing with our game-changing National Housing Strategy.

Making housing more affordable is the right thing to do. Plus, bringing people out of poverty saves us all money in the long run.

Funded Projects in Calgary

$6 million for the YW Hub

The YW Hub in Inglewood is a supportive, transitional shelter for 100 women and kids fleeing domestic violence. It includes a community kitchen, childcare centre, employment training spaces, and a secure outdoor courtyard where women and kids can enjoy the sunshine in safety. Learn more here



$13.6 million for Horizon Housing Society’s Glamorgan Project

The first project in Canada to receive federal funding under our new rental construction initiative, the Glamorgan Project has 161 affordable units for individuals, families and seniors. It includes a dedicated space for kids who would otherwise need to live in hospitals. Here, the kids can receive health support while living with their families. Learn more here.


$31 million the Kanas Building

The Kanas building by Glenmore Park has 120 units for individuals, families and people with disabilities. Learn more here.


$3 million for the Maple

Over Christmas 2018, women escaping the cycles of violence and homelessness moved into The Maple building. With 26 private suites, it’s a safe, accessible building where women can also receive counselling and other support. Learn more here.

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$9.8 million for the Downtown Fifth Avenue Apartment Building

Opening in summer 2020, the Downtown Fifth Avenue Apartment Building will have 74 units for people at risk of homelessness, including 16 wheelchair-accessible units. The building is designed to achieve 41% energy savings. Learn more here.


To learn more, check out the website dedicated to Canada’s first-ever national housing strategy.

Visit the National Housing Strategy Website



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