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Kent Hehr

Your member of parliament for

Calgary Centre


Employment Insurance

During the 2015 election, we committed to improving Employment Insurance (EI) and addressing gaps that were leaving many Canadians without benefits right when they needed them the most.

Our government kept our promise. See below for how we made EI more accessible, flexible and fair.

10 improvements to Employment Insurance
  1. Extended EI benefits for Calgarians

In 2016, we extended regular EI benefits for people living in Calgary and other regions with the most severe increases in unemployment due to the downturn in commodities.

  1. Made more people eligible for EI

Tough eligibility requirements were making it difficult for the most vulnerable people to receive benefits, including younger workers, parents returning to the workforce, and people who had left the workforce due to illness. Eliminating some eligibility requirements will help an additional 50,000 Canadians to receive EI benefits.

  1. Reduced the wait period

If you lose your job, you will only be without income for one week, instead of two.

  1. Removed unfair expectations for new jobs

We repealed the unfair rules enacted in 2012, which forced unemployed workers to commute further for work and take lower-paying jobs.

  1. Created the option for 16-month Parental Benefits

Parents can select the standard 12 month parental benefits, or they can choose to spread parental benefits out over 18 months (at a lower benefit rate).

  1. Provided flexible Maternity Benefits

Mothers can choose to take EI benefits up to 12 weeks before the baby’s due date, instead of 8 weeks.

  1. Added a new Caregiver Benefit

To better support the millions of Canadians who care for seriously ill family members, the new Caregiver Benefit provides up to 15 weeks of EI benefits for family caregivers.

  1. Allowed self-funded training, without losing benefits

Receiving training can help you get a good job. That’s why we’re helping ensure you can pursue self-funded training without losing your benefits.

  1. Allowed part-time income, without losing benefits

Click here to learn how you can earn part-time or occasional income while still receiving a portion of your EI benefits.

  1. Improving Service Quality

We’re investing to help Service Canada better keep up with the increased demand, including hiring 900 new staff.

Promises kept. Our Government is committed to helping the middle class and those working hard to join it. Employment Insurance is an anchor of economic security for Canadian workers – and now more Canadians have access to the help they need.

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