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Kent Hehr

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Calgary Centre




Appointed a gender-balanced cabinet.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a big step toward gender parity when he historically unveiled Canada’s first ever gender balanced cabinet.



New Canada Child Benefit

 The Canada Child Benefit gives more money to 9 out of 10 Canadians families, and lifts almost 300,000 children out of poverty.



Lowered taxes for middle class

 The middle class tax cut helps to strengthen the middle class, benefiting about 9 million Canadians each year. When middle class Canadians have more money in their pockets to save, invest, and grow the economy, we all benefit.



Pan-Canadian plan for pricing carbon pollution

 Pricing carbon pollution is a crucial step toward reducing emissions, spurring innovation, and creating well-paying jobs, while protecting our air and water for our children and grandchildren.




Approved Trans Mountain Expansion Project

The $6.8-billion project will have significant economic benefits as it is expected to provide $4.5 billion in government revenues. It will create 15,000 new jobs in Alberta and B.C. during construction, beginning in 2017. Indigenous groups will also benefit from jobs and business opportunities as a result of over $300 million in mutual benefit agreements they have signed with the proponent. The project will diversify Canada’s export market access for oil to markets in Washington State and northeast Asia (Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan) and to secondary markets in the United States such as California, Hawaii and Alaska. It will also help address an emerging bottleneck in Canada’s pipeline network, which might otherwise drive producers to greater reliance on transportation by rail.



Approved Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project

The $4.8-billion project will generate significant economic benefits, including $514.7 million in government revenues from federal, provincial and local taxes, in addition to creating approximately 7,000 full-time jobs during construction. Line 3 serves as a vital link from North American production regions to Minnesota, Wisconsin and other North American refinery markets. Canada’s most important trading partner continues to be the United States.



Approved NOVA Gas’ NGTL System Expansion Project

This project will contribute to Canada’s prosperity, creating up to 3,000 jobs during construction, adding more than a billion dollars to Canada’s economy, and making sure we have the infrastructure to bring Canada’s resources to market.



Approved NOVA Gas’ Towerbirch Expansion Project

This project will contribute to Canada’s prosperity, creating up to 750 jobs during construction, adding $439 million dollars to Canada’s economy, and making sure we have the infrastructure to bring Canada’s resources to market.This decision isn’t just about boosting the economy. The Government has a responsibility to ensure the right infrastructure gets built, in the right way – the environmentally responsible way.



Unmuzzled government scientists

 By unmuzzling government scientists and allowing them to share their expertise, the Liberal government has begun to restore science’s important role in national policy.



Reinstated the long-form census

 Canada’s long-form census makes it possible to include evidence-based decision making and reliable data in national policy creation. With a 98.4% response rate, Stats Canada experienced its “best census ever.”



Revitalized federal ocean science programs

 The hiring of 135 new aquatic scientists and new research partnerships is an important part of protecting Canada’s oceans, waterways, and fisheries.



Strengthening the Canada Pension Plan

 Achieving an agreement in principle with provinces and territories to strengthen the CPP is a powerful step toward helping Canadians have a strong, secure and stable retirement.



Returned OAS eligibility to 65

 Returning the eligibility age back to 65 for Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement prioritizes how we care for older Canadians.It will put thousands of dollars back in the pockets of Canadians as they become seniors.



Increased Guaranteed Income Supplement payments for single seniors

 Strengthening income security for Canada’s most vulnerable single seniors reaffirms the government’s commitment to helping low-income seniors. This will improve the financial security of about 900,000 single seniors across Canada.



More money for infrastructure

 An historic $120 billion investment in infrastructure over 10 years will help strengthen Canadian communities and grow the economy.



Launched National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry

 After consulting with Canadians in a nation-wide process, the national inquiry into the disproportionate number of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls confirms the Liberal government’s commitment to put an end to this national tragedy.



Simplified Family Immigration

 The government’s ambitious new immigration plan places an increased effort on uniting families more quickly and easily once they arrive in Canada.



Passing C-6

Our government knows that one of the strongest pillars for successful integration into Canadian life is achieving Canadian citizenship. Unlike the previous Conservative government, we do not support two-tiered citizenship in this country. That’s why we’ve streamlined the citizenship process and repealed unfair provisions that treated dual citizens differently than other Canadians. Bill C-6 has passed and will soon become law in Canada. #promisekept
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Legalized medical assistance in dying

 Bill C-14 offers the choice to die with dignity to eligible patients who are suffering intolerably.
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Re-opened the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base

 Three years since the Conservatives shut it down, the Kitsilano Canadian Coast Guard base in Vancouver was reopened to keep our waters safe and clean.



Increased Canada Student Grants

 Increasing Canada Student Grants by 50% will help more than 350,000 students achieve a more prosperous future.
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Signed Paris Climate Change Agreement

 On April 22, 2016, Canada signed an international agreement to combat climate change and work towards a better global future.



Senate-appointment reform

 A new efficient and non-partisan appointment system ensures that the Canadian Senate is more open and democratic.
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$17.5 million to support the Invictus Games Toronto 2017

Funding to support the Invictus Games Toronto 2017. The Government of Canada will contribute up to $17.5 million to support the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Organizing Committee in bringing this major international adaptive sporting event to Canada.
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Expand access to the Veteran Family Program

 Budget 2017 would expand access to the Veteran Family Program across all 32 MFRCs in Canada. A pilot project previously allowed access for medically released Veterans and their families to seven MFRCs across the country, and to the telephone-based Family Information Line and the www.CAFconnection.cawebsite. Previously these services were only for still-serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces.
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Increase the Disability Award to $360,000

 The Government of Canada is delivering on its commitment to ensure that Veterans and their families are treated with care, compassion and respect. Increasing the financial security of disabled Veterans, is the first foundational step in supporting mental health and well-being.
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Reopened 9 of the closed Veterans Affairs Offices

 Our veterans have served our country with bravery, honour, and dignity – protecting the values we cherish. We will now serve them well, providing the services, care and respect they and their families need and are due.



Opened a new Veterans Affairs Office in Surrey, BC

The Government of Canada has not only re-opened the offices previously closed, but we went even further by opening an office in Surrey and expanding outreach in northern communities.

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