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Kent Hehr

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More affordable housing — using shipping containers!

An exciting week for AB affordable housing

Announcing federal and provincial government funding for YWCA Banff, with (left to right): Cameron Westhead, provincial MLA; Connie MacDonald, CEO, YWCA Banff; me; and Joshua Bénard from the Alberta Rural Development Network.

Dear friends,

The affordable housing news continues! I was thrilled to be in beautiful Banff yesterday, announcing a $10 million investment in Alberta’s housing.

Our national Liberal government is supporting 8 energy-efficient shipping container projects across the province. Phase 1 will create up to 467 rental units.

The Banff YWCA Courtyard Project is at the top of the list. In fact, they are the very first group to receive funding under our national Housing Innovation Fund.

Soon, their 33 unit, 3-story project will provide rental housing for up to 78 at-risk women. At least 4 units will be wheelchair accessible.

This is in addition to the $6 million we’re investing in YWCA Calgary’s new home in Inglewood, as well as the $13.6 million we’re putting towards a 161-unit affordable apartment building in Calgary’s Glamorgan community. It’s all part of our game-changing national affordable housing plan.

While we’re talking about Banff, I’ll note that last week was the grand opening of the Ti’nu affordable rental housing complex. It too received support from our federal government. It adds 131 brand new affordable homes to the community, including 8 barrier-free units.

I want to commend Banff YWCA and the Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) for their leadership on their shipping container project, and for championing bold new ideas and construction techniques. It’s especially noteworthy that ARDN designed the housing model to be easy to replicate across the country, saving future costs and building off of lessons learned.

Project by project, our government is bringing affordable housing to Alberta.

After a decade of inaction by the previous government, this type of major investment in affordable housing is long overdue.



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