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What They’re Saying: Fall Economic Update

On November 21st, Finance Minister Bill Morneau released the Government of Canada’s Fall Economic Statement. It’s the Government of Canada’s plan to invest in the economy and strengthen the middle class – and it’s working. Find out more about the Fall Economic Statement for 2018 here.

Here is what some Canadians are saying:

“Pleased to see strong focus on export opportunities and trade diversification in Feds’ fall 2018 Economic Statement.”

  • Shipping Federation of Canada, (Link)

“Faster write-offs for new investment, regulatory reform and concrete actions to accelerate the removal of barriers to trade within Canada are all important steps in the right direction, and we applaud the government’s initiatives in these areas.”

  • Perrin Beatty, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce (link)

“This fiscal update shows that the Federal Government is taking the right steps to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of Canada’s agricultural sector…It is very heartening to see the government is listening to farmers and, more importantly, acting on what they hear. These initiatives are an excellent step towards harnessing the potential of Canadian agriculture.”

  • Ron Bonnett, President, Canadian Federation of Agriculture (link)

“These measures…help make the case that Canada is, once again, providing a competitive business environment and is open to investments in the chemistry sector. With over $20 billion in new investment opportunities currently under consideration in our sector, measures such as these will help turn those prospects into reality.”

  • Bob Masterson, President and CEO, Chemical Industry Association of Canada

“We are encouraged to see the federal gov’t acting on our recommendations to increase the ACCA & the Strategic Innovation Fund. These measures will go along way to enhancing Canada’s competitiveness & our ability to attract petrochemical investment.”

  • Alberta Industrial Heartland Association (Link)

“Canada’s electricity sector welcomes the government’s commitment to modernize and streamline Canada’s regulatory regime. This will help companies thrive, enhance economic growth, and promote innovation.”

  • Sergio Marchi, President and CEO, Canadian Electricity Association (link)

“CPA Canada supports the federal government immediately addressing threats to Canada’s competitiveness through new measures to accelerate business investment.”

“ Today’s commitment by the government is a monumental sign of support for the growth of, and investment in, Canada’s mineral exploration sector.”

  • Glenn Mullanm, President, Prospectors and Developers Assoication of Canada (Link)

“By taking concrete action now to make Canada a more attractive place to invest and do business, the government can set the stage for stronger growth, higher middle-class incomes and a better future for Canadians of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Economic growth drives the tax revenues that are required to pay for health care, hospitals, schools and other services that are essential to a healthy and productive society.”

  • Goldy Hyder, President and CEO, Business Council of Canada (link)

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