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Kent Hehr

Your member of parliament for

Calgary Centre


Infrastructure (and Free BBQ) — August 2017 — Newsletter

Before I get into this month’s newsletter I wanted to make sure you received an invitation to my annual BBQ on September 10th – which will be held at Sunalta Hall (1627 10 Ave SW).

We’ll be there from 11 am to 1 pm, flipping burgers and saying hello to our neighbours. If you’re interested we also have an RSVP page online on my website at which will give us a heads up if you’re attending so my team can plan on how many burgers to prepare.

WHAT: MP Kent Hehr’s Summer BBQ

WHERE: Sunalta Hall – 1627—10 Ave SW

WHEN: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Next, I wanted to talk for a moment today on the subject of infrastructure investment. Our government is committed to investing in flood mitigation, affordable housing, public transportation, and places where communities come together (like community centres or hockey rinks). We were elected on a commitment to invest in infrastructure and these long-term economic generators for communities.

Just as one example, Infrastructure Canada funding to Alberta has received more funds for projects in the last year and a half (a total of $4.3 billion). This is larger than the last five years combined.

You can see all of the projects invested in by Infrastructure Canada online here:

By investing in green infrastructure we get people home to their families faster, cleaner communities, and more inclusive, affordable cities.

And by investing in affordable housing we can begin to take on the issue of homelessness and poverty – a conversation that the federal government has been noticeable absent in the last ten years.

With our new National Housing Strategy, the $11.2 billion highlighted in Budget 2017, and the important work we are doing to cut homelessness in half, and take 500,000 families out of housing need, we are well on our way to creating more inclusive communities.

As always, you can contact my office by email at or by phone at 403.244.1880. My office is located at 950 6 Ave SW and my door is always open to you. You can follow my work in Parliament online and sign up for my e-newsletter at

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