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Calgary Centre

Kent Hehr

Your member of parliament for

Calgary Centre


Budget 2017 and Alberta

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Our government recognizes and celebrates Alberta, and as the Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre, I am proud to say that Alberta has a true partner in Confederation for the first time in over a decade. Our most recent budget demonstrates that commitment to Alberta in real and substantial ways.

Let’s start with infrastructure. Compared to the previous Conservative government, we have funded more than ten times the amount of projects in Alberta in one year than they approved in their last three years in government.

Of particular note to the people of Calgary, we have guaranteed Green Line funding which will link the downtown to the deep southeast and have made critical investments in flood mitigation.

Our government knows we need to scale up what works and that’s exactly what we are doing. And guess what, that knowledge-based economy is what we’re investing in right here in Calgary.

Some examples include our $75 million investment into the University of Calgary to develop low carbon technology for our oil and gas companies to fuel a world that still wants oil, but needs carbon reduction. Further, there was an additional $78 million through the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Infrastructure Fund to build the University of Calgary as a possible hub for a future site of a supercluster. This is in addition to $82 million from the province, philanthropy, and the university’s own infrastructure dollars. These investments have been greeted and celebrated as historic, incredible, and game-changing, particularly in the pages of the Herald.

In total from Budget 2017, we are going to be investing over $950 million in agriculture, agri-food, clean tech, and clean resources. This is a strong and powerful indication that our government’s commitment to seeing the knowledge-based economy of Calgary, Alberta and the Prairies grow and prosper.

No one should dismiss the fact that Albertan entrepreneurs are innovative, capable, and energetic. Our government recognizes this, and we are committed to helping them compete in the 21st century.

Finally, we recently announced $40 million for the UofA for our pan-national artificial intelligence strategy.

Going beyond our regional investments, our government is focused on expanding our trade opportunities– with the passing of CETA, which will bring thousands of jobs for Canadians from coast to coast to coast; we are actively engaged in expanding the market access for western Canadian products.

All of this is being undertaken as we work to fix to the social support network critically neglected by the Conservatives.

We are enacting a national housing strategy that will invest $11.2 billion to put roofs over our most vulnerable, people who weren’t a priority for the previous government. This includes the 4,000 people in Calgary who need a helping hand to rebuild their lives.

We are also going to be investing in affordable childcare spaces which, as everyone knows, Alberta is the youngest province demographically according to Statistics Canada. Our budget, targeted to young families, will significantly benefit our province.

None of this takes away from the other elements of the budget which have significant and positive impact for Veterans and their families.

In sum, judge our government on its significant investments in Alberta, and building towards a better tomorrow for the middle class and those seeking to join it.

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